Moving big ideas to action. Making complicated theories useful.

Carole Martin Consulting  


Carole Martin Consulting  

Sometimes we carefully design it, sometimes it surprises us and just happens. Either way, there’s opportunity, even if isn’t obvious at first glance. Recognizing change – and doing something intentional with it – is where I come in. Whether it’s entire communities in Maine, organizations doing high stakes work or individuals trying to sort out new ways of working together, possessing certain mindsets and skills can make all the difference in maximizing change.


My purpose in life is to turn complex opportunities into attainable outcomes by supporting new ways of thinking and doing.

Carole Martin Consulting Maine

How do I do this?

Strengthening Connections

Successfully revitalizing, building upon, and increasing connection between current partnerships, with special emphasis on reinvigorating community networks.

Developing Leaders

Recognizing, cultivating, and developing talent in emerging leaders in our community.

Revitalizing Structure

Revamping internal operating structures and work culture to advance achievement of goals and priorities and enhance the quality of the work experience.

Navigating Conflict

Disrupting entrenched organizational habits to find healthier and more productive ways to reach short and long term goals.


Facilitating Collaboration

Focusing on high energy, high stakes facilitation and dynamic strategy formulation to propel organizations and collaborations forward.

Uncovering Opportunity

Making the most of the opportunities that accompany planned and unanticipated change throughout the process of leadership transition, mergers, and acquisitions.

Carole Martin Consulting