I encourage and guide others in maximizing the opportunities that accompany planned and unanticipated change, with thirty years of experience facilitating and leading change initiatives in for-profit, nonprofit, philanthropic, academic and community arenas.

My wide range of expertise includes serving as director of labor relations and human resources for a large corporation, other senior leadership positions in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit settings, and significant consulting experience.  My formal education includes a B.S., M.B.A., and advanced studies in the fields of negotiation and contract administration.

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Highlights include:


Building a collective governance structure so 20 organizations with no history of working together could effectively collaborate and make decisions to meaningfully advance a shared agenda


Facilitating and guiding the coming together of four organizations to merge into one


Co-designing a network structure for over 100 organizations to work collectively to address a challenge with global implications


Supporting healing and reconciliation in a community with a long history of broken trust and failure to follow through


Designing and delivering a statewide Fellows program supporting leaders working in the collective realm to deepen their skills and relationship building


Redesigning a foundation’s ways of working to align with their new approach to philanthropy

  • Intuition and Blending of Many Types of Intelligence 30%
  • Active Curiosity and Experimentation 20%
  • Newly Acquired Knowledge Unique to Your Circumstances 20%
  • Learning from Past Failures 20%
  • Formal Education 10%

Billionaires and farmers, scientists and teachers, asylum seekers and politicians, physicians and activists.

People who run summer camps for a living.

Think tank types.

Philanthropic foundations and nonprofits.


Sometimes all at once, in big, complicated settings. Sometimes one on one or in subsets. All seeking to make meaningful contributions to whatever they define as community by working in new ways. All with big ideas – and often, what seem like (and sometimes are) big problems. All wanting help figuring out what to do next – and where to go after that. Essentially, anyone with courage, ethics and determination who cares about something much bigger than themselves and is willing to do the work to make change happen.